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Q.1. 🔰 Why you can trust us ? 🔰

We’re the only team on the whole Telegram and Whatsapp market who have sold more than 50 Accounts in a mere period of 1 Months. You won’t get more trustworthy sellers than us

Q.2. 🔰 What if Accounts stop working ? 🔰

There is always a solution for anything and everything in this world. If the Account stops working we give a commitment to offer Replacement within next 24 hrs . If we fail to do so you’ll receive whole Refund instantly in your payment method

Q.3. 🔰 What if Account isn’t provided when payment is done ( In short Ripping chances ) ? 🔰

It is been proven that we’re the most trusted Sellers for Prepladder on whole TG & Whatsapp. In any case you feel uncomfortable we’re ready to share our WhatsApp numbers and Identity Proofs too ✅ ( Inshort you have zero chances of getting Ripped ) Check @Prepladder_Notes_2022 for your satisfaction

Q.4. 🔰 What if you want to renew your subscription for longer time ?

There are almost 20% of our customers base who have extended their subscriptions from their default plans.

Q.5. 🔰 Are these Accounts safe to use ?

It is absolutely and totally safe to use. We have customers who are using same account from last 2 Years and they haven’t faced a single problem in this time period.


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Prepladder Account
Prepladder Account


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